Additional Legal Resources

Helpful Numbers & Resources

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Texas Law Help

Free, printable/fillable Texas legal forms and information. Pro se divorce & SAPCR packets with instructions available.

Office of the Attorney General

Legal help in establishing paternity; establishing, enforcing, and modifying child support & medical child support; recovering and distributing child support payments.

Child Protective Services (CPS) Direct Line

Report child abuse directly to Child Protective Services.

Domestic Relations Office

Provides the following services in Travis County: recovering & distributing child support payments; execution/enforcement of child support payments and visitation orders.  

Center for Men & Fathers

Offers the following services for Central Texans: free legal consultation on family law matters, low-cost forms preparation, and a family law Pro Se legal clinic. Also refers individuals to experienced family law attorneys.

Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) and the Match Program

LRS is a service that refers individual attorneys with experience in the appropriate area of the law. Cost is $20 for one half-hour consultation with an attorney. The Match Program is a reduced-cost program through which LRS matches low-income callers with attorneys that are willing to handle your case at the reduced rate of $60/hour. This reduced rate program is available now for family law issues, guardianship cases, and the creation of simple wills.

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA)

Free legal help with civil cases for low-income individuals in housing, consumer issues, family law, and public benefits. No criminal cases.

Direct Line for Texans

Legal help and consultation by telephone in a wide range of issues for Texas residents age 60 or older.

Domestic Violence National Hotline

 Call to report domestic violence or for help navigating a domestic violence issue.

SafePlace Direct Line

SafePlace offers emergency shelter, counseling, and other support for survivors of family violence or sexual assault.

Travis County Attorney’s Office

Representation for victims of family violence in search of protective orders.

Women’s Defense Legal Helpline      

Call for confidential consultation with an attorney over the phone.

Domestic Violence Legal Helpline
Family Law Legal Helpline