Intake Legal Clinics


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VLS’s Intake Legal Clinics are designed to reach those who may not be able to attend our Monday-Wednesday Full Legal Clinics in Austin.

Oftentimes, applicants who do not qualify for our services make the long trek to Austin only to find out that they do not qualify for representation, or that we cannot give them advice on their criminal or immigration-related case. We hope to be able to reach people in outlying areas of Austin for whom this journey would be difficult or impossible.

At the Intake Legal Clinics, VLS Outreach Coordinator sets up a table for 2-3 hour blocks of time at different Travis County community centers and other sites, and is accessible to answer general questions, give information and resources, and point applicants in the right direction. If you fill out an Intake Form and bring it with you to discuss your case with the Outreach Coordinator, they can determine whether or not you may be eligible for representation.

PLEASE NOTE: No attorneys will be present at the Intake Legal Clinics unless otherwise stated.

(It is also our goal to eventually provide legal advice on the spot for qualifying applicants via our Attorney-on-Call Program. However, this program is not yet in full effect while we continue our search for regular attorney volunteers.)

Please click here for the full list of days, times, and locations for our 2017 Intake Legal Clinics.