Thank You for Your Donations!

We’d like to take a moment to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated or offered to donate office furniture and supplies to VLS in our recent move. We couldn’t have done it without generous donations from the following people:

-Marcia Del Rios, who donated a conference table

-DeLeon and Washburn, who donated 6 office chairs

-Liz Brenner of Burns Anderson Jury & Brenner, who donated a 2 drawer filing cabinet, 6 chairs, and a set of coffee mugs and glasses

-Janet McCullar, who donated a microwave and a full size refrigerator

-Manuel Escobar of McGinnis Lochridge and Hong Tran Escobar, who donated and delivered a kitchen table and chairs, a printer, and a paper shredder

-Our friends at LRS, who donated 3 office desks and 2 filing cabinets

-Russell Watson, who set up our computer docking stations and desktop computers

-Josh Wilmoth, Jamie Myers, Kurt Rinear, Sara Wilmoth and Tony Morrison of Central Texas Technology Services, who generously brought us cookies from Tiff’s Treats

The VLS Team thanks all of our supporters for coming through for us as we transition to the new office!