VLS Mentor/Mentee Progam

For Attorneys Who Want to Be Mentors

We are all aware that the economy has taken a toll on the legal profession. Today, many graduates of law school are either:

(a) Not employed as lawyers
(b) Forced to start their own practices as solo practitioners, or
(c) Working in small “firms” with other inexperienced lawyers and without the training necessary to become quality professionals.

However, the need for affordable legal services for the low income residents of Austin continues to grow. Volunteer Legal Services must recruit more attorneys to meet this growing need.

As a seasoned attorney, you can help us solve these problems by agreeing to mentor new lawyers who volunteer for pro bono cases through Volunteer Legal Services.

With your guidance on these simple yet valuable litigation matters, new lawyers can gain the experience they need to become professional and marketable lawyers. Mentoring impacts the profession both ethically and educationally, and the clients and our community will benefit from your years of experience.

Please complete our Attorney Volunteer Sign-Up form and make sure to fill out the Mentor Sign-Up section. Feel free to reach out to Gabriela Caballero at 512-640- or gcaballero@vlsoct.org with any questions about what mentorship can look like.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna K. Meyers, VLS Deputy Director, akmeyers@vlsoct.org or 512-640-7745.