Legal decisions such as divorce, custody arrangements, home foreclosure, and disability determination have significant, even life-changing outcomes on ordinary lives everyday. However, all of these decisions require participation in the legal system, which is often inaccessible to those who cannot afford legal representation.

VLS attorneys volunteer their time to help individuals and families with a variety of matters ranging from simple advocacy to courtroom litigation. VLS provides their attorney volunteers with training, mentoring, consulting, access to necessary forms, and malpractice insurance for VLS cases.

Our volunteers donate their time for a variety of reasons. Some do it to give back to their community. Some do it because it feels good to help someone. Some do it to learn a new area of law. Some do it to hone a specific skill such as mediation or litigation.

Our volunteers consistently say that their VLS cases are the most personally rewarding and satisfying work that they do.

Volunteer–you will be glad you did!