Take a Case

VLS will work with you to find a case that meets your time constraints and comfort level. Use the opportunity to learn a new field or stick to what you know. Either way, we can give you a call when we get a case that meets your needs. Or, if you prefer, we can refer cases to you on a more routine basis.

Baker Botts Attorneys Tecuan Flores (L) & Sarah Coleman (R) with VLS clients Mr. & Mrs. Payton.

*NOTE: We especially need attorneys willing to take cases of Spanish-speaking clients. You do not have to speak Spanish to take one of these cases.

VLS has resources and services available, such as interpreters and translated documents, to assist you should you agree to take a Spanish-speaker’s case. We have a large number of clients who have been waiting much longer than usual for help with their case, simply because attorneys have been more likely to take English-speaking cases. We want to make sure that attorneys are aware that we can help them with translation/interpretation services!

We also need volunteer mediators and volunteers willing to serve as the attorney ad litem in uncontested pro se cases involving a missing spouse or respondent.

Get involved! If you are interested in taking a case with VLS, or would like more information, contact Pro Bono Volunteer Coordinator Gabriela Caballero at 512-640-7743 or gcaballero@vlsoct.org.